Serving the breast cancer community with compassion & care

We Believe

At Mindful Movement Body & Breath we believe self-care is critical to healing, recovery and overall wellness and that our own body’s innate wisdom is the key to unlocking our healing potential. Through the practice of Yoga we learn to access that wisdom and tap into and release our own power to transform our mind, our body and our life.

Semi-private Session

Join a semi-private session.
Sessions are focused specifically on different topics to help improve your overall health. Such as, Introductory Yoga, Lymphedema Prevention, Mobility and Flexibility and much more.

Private Sessions

Schedule a Private Session.
Work with Jacque one on one. In this session, Jacque will guide you through a customized yoga program focusing on areas within your body for which extra support and healing is needed.


Join a guided meditation session.
Our guided meditation sessions will lead you to a sacred space within yourself where you will find abundant resources to renew, restore and listen to the quiet voice within.

Where did everyone go?

You’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.

You enter a whole new world within the clinical setting.

You receive great care and support with access to myriad resources while in treatment.

And then you finish, perhaps ring the bell, and go home.

Congratulations! You made it through! Now what?

I get it

Hi, I’m Jacque.

I felt the same way during my own breast cancer journey.

It feels like getting to the end of the road and finding yourself at the edge of a cliff. That’s why Mindful Movement Body & Breath was born.

Mindful Movement Body & Breath is here to serve as your safety net. To catch you, hold you and sustain you as you walk the path to true healing, real recovery and a return to wellness.

Our Clients Love Us

I am a Unite For Her recipient and Jacque came out to my home an hour away and showed me wonderful non-weight bearing yoga.  It was so exciting to know that I can still stretch in a positive way without harming my body while it is learning to heal. She was so patient and inspirational and I look forward to my next phase of yoga with her down the road.


Her commitment to women’s health issues, particularly those involving breast cancer, is both inspiring and understandable.  Her experience of being a two time breast cancer survivor and her compassionate heart along with her search for healthier ways to live life combine to make her a holistic provider and one who is capable of lighting a path for anyone she is in relationship with.  


The workshop Jacque created for us on Mindful Breathing was exactly what I needed. With her Zen like, calming voice she led us through a Meditation she wrote just for us.  I’m so, so grateful.


Ready to walk the path to true healing?

View our semi private, private and meditation sessions.