About Us

About Mindful Movement Body & Breath

Mindful Movement Body & Breath embodies the yogic principles of self-care, healing, restoration and recovery and delivers to you the tools and techniques for a personal practice at home and/or within a community of like-minded women who are on this journey too.

You will learn how:


Mindful breathing reduces stress and anxiety, helps to improve sleep, aids in getting past the “noise and chaos” to find more clarity and focus.


Basic, gentle body movement can improve mobility, ease pain and promote healthy lymphatic flow.


To make peace with and embrace your new normal and you will learn how to create your sacred space.

Mindful Movement Body & Breath offers you the safety net where you will find connection and a sacred place to rest, renew and restore.

Yoga saved my life

In 1974 I walked into a book store and pulled a book off the shelf. Richard Hittleman’s “Yoga – 28 Day Exercise Plan”. I was curious and thought I’d give it a try. I had no inkling then that it would, quite literally, save my life. I began my personal Yoga practice that day – well before my first breast cancer diagnosis at 40 years of age and my second diagnosis several years later. Through all the diagnostics, the surgeries, the physical therapy, the follow ups, through all the fear, the terror, the sleepless nights…. I maintained my personal practice focusing on mindful breathing to manage stress and anxiety as well as body movement to regain mobility and strength and to prevent lymphedema. My treating physicians and physical therapists agreed my yoga practice contributed greatly to my healing and recovery.

Paying it forward

Continuing my personal practice enables me to maintain strength and mobility while also sustaining an overall sense of wellbeing through the nurturing of the mind-body connection.  Knowing first-hand how the gifts of a yoga practice can aid in recovery and sustained overall wellness, I felt compelled to bring these same gifts forward to other women walking this path.

I completed Yoga Teacher training earning my Yoga Alliance Certification (RYT200). I completed additional specialized training in Yoga for breast cancer and have continued studies in Mindfulness, Meditation and the Lymphatic System. I joined Unite for HER as a Yoga Service Provider and became a member of the Yoga Service Council.

And then I walked away from a 30+ year career in senior management to start Mindful Movement Body & Breath.