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I invite you

I invite you to share with me some things about yourself, where you are on this journey, how you are feeling – physically and emotionally – and where you’re feeling it – mind, body, heart. 

Please feel free to provide as much information as you’d like. 

I will hold this information confidentially and call on it only to provide you with a meaningful experience tailored to your unique, individual Self.

A Little About Me:  

I am a Survivor.  Although our individual experience is unique to each of us, I have walked a similar path on this journey.   I know what it means to support, encourage and nourish and I know what a difference it makes to be held and lifted through compassion and caring.  I have learned that true healing begins on the inside.  And here is where your journey toward healing begins.  Yoga offers great gifts through movement – body and breath – toward healing and overall wellness.  I welcome this opportunity to work with you and share the gifts Yoga offers.

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