Yoga Services

Yoga, At its Core

Is accessible to everyone, anytime, wherever you are, regardless of ability or circumstance.

Yoga is not about being bendy.

Yoga is about breath and movement.

Yoga is about self-care, healing, and recovery.

Yoga gives us a path forward in sustaining our health and overall wellness.

Yoga is about connection and our relationship with ourselves – our hearts, our minds, our bodies – and others.

Our Services

Introductory Session

New to Yoga? Not sure how to get started?  I created this session so you can get comfortable with yoga and find out what to expect during regular practices in your home or at the studio.  I’ll introduce you to gentle yoga postures, stress relieving breath techniques and mindful movement fundamentals. I’ll also show you how to use props during your practice and how to confidently listen to your body and quiet your mind every time you unroll your mat.

Times Vary

Yoga for Lymphedema Prevention

A series of movements to encourage healthy lymphatic flow. Movements focus on the Upper and Lower Lymphatic System and the Abdominal/Diaphragmatic body. This session is designed to provide the light pressure and gentle movement to which our lymph systems respond and to teach techniques you can do in the comfort of your home to maintain a healthy lymphatic system. Disclaimer: This session is designed for lymphatic health and prevention of lymphedema. If you are currently experiencing swelling or pain, please consult with a medical professional, physical therapist or massage therapist specifically trained in lymphedema management.

Times Vary

Yoga for Improving Mobility, Strength and Flexibility

A slow paced Hatha yoga session combining foundational postures, sequenced and linked to the movement of breath. This practice will help to build confidence while regaining range of motion, strength and flexibility contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing. This session is perfect for beginners as well as experienced practitioners seeking gentle, sequenced movement.

Times Vary

Yoga for Deep Relaxation

A relaxing, meditative practice designed to release tension, restore the body and quiet the mind. Enjoy a gentle body movement linked with breath, then finish with restorative poses to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. I’ll use props to support you as your body relaxes and begins to restore itself. Relaxing, slower pace, perfect for stress management. Restorative postures are practiced seated or lying down.

Times Vary

Yoga to Reduce Stress and Manage Anxiety

A peaceful Hatha yoga practice balancing strengthening, stretching and relaxation with a focus on deep diaphragmatic breathing linked to movement. The longer holds enhance overall well-being through the exploration of the connection between the body and the breath. Relaxing slower pace, perfect for stress management. Gentle movements, seated postures and centering breath-work.

Times Vary

Mindful Breathing

Breath is Life. Most of us go through the day using a very small capacity of our breathing ability. As such, we keep our bodies and our minds in a constant state of restriction, limiting the flow of vital nutrients our mind and body need to perform at maximum capacity. This session is designed to provide various techniques to control the breath, to direct the breath and to utilize the full capacity of our diaphragm.

Times Vary

Guided Meditation

Tap into your Sacred Place. Within us all is a sacred place that is the source of our innate wisdom. Through mindful breathing and guided meditation, I will show you how to get past the noise and chaos of our daily lives, to quiet the mind and body and to access your Sacred Place where you will find abundant resources to renew and restore and listen to the quiet voice within.

Times Vary

Service Pricing

Private Session $75 per hour*
Semi-Private Session for 2 $80
Group Session for 3 or more $100

Senior Discounts available
*Special Offer – 4 Sessions for $235

Come find your Sacred Place!

Meet your teacher


Jacque Meister

Jacque holds graduate and under-graduate degrees from Villanova University. She is a certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, a member of Yoga Service Council and a Yoga Service Provider for Unite for HER. Jacque also donates her time and support to Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children (West Chester, PA). Jacque lives in Chester County with her cats, Max and Rico, who happily join her in a daily yoga practice in her home studio. Before creating Mindful Movement Body & Breath, Jacque spent over 30 years in senior human resource management positions within large, global businesses in the Legal, Medical Device and Bio-pharmaceutical industries.